Never want to damage a disk in my back again, but so grateful to Charlotte for coming to look after me <3

October 19th 2014   0 notes  

One Direction cupcakes! we’re 21 going in 12 :-P

October 16th 2014   1 notes  

What was going through my head 4 years ago!? What even possessed me to try this mixture? #ashamed

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Perfection before uni <3 😍

so that’s what you rushed off for hmmmmmm? im onto you

Well yano, can’t go to a lecture without a starbucks!

October 14th 2014   4 notes   - via / source

N’awwww miss college sometimes!

October 14th 2014   1 notes  

Perfection before uni <3 😍

October 14th 2014   4 notes  

N’awwwwww <3

October 10th 2014   0 notes  

First proper assignment submitted for the year! :-D

October 9th 2014   0 notes  

Homemade brownies to help give me motivation to do assignments! :-D

October 8th 2014   0 notes  

Haha we may have locked Kathryn in her bedroom! :-D

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7 degrees… is that all!? No wonder I don’t want to leave my bed in the morning!

October 7th 2014   0 notes  

Flaming sambuca for Emmas 21st! :-D

October 4th 2014   1 notes  

How did I not know this existed!?

October 4th 2014   1 notes  

Another fun day of assignments, least I have an energy drink to keep me going!

October 1st 2014   0 notes  

Wonder if I could use this definition of Happiness for my Positive Psychology activities! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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